Universal Beaker Wig Wag Downstems - 25 Count Display

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Wig Wag Downstem Wholesale - 25 Pc Display of German Diffuser Downstems for Bongs

Introducing our wholesale offering of Bulk Wig Wag Downstems, available in a convenient display set of 25 pieces. These downstems are crafted with the renowned German diffuser technology, ensuring top-notch filtration and a smooth smoking experience. Each downstem in this collection showcases the vibrant and intricate Wig Wag pattern, a testament to the skillful art of glassblowing.

  • High-Quality German Glass: Renowned for its durability and purity, the German glass construction ensures a clean and smooth draw every time, enhancing the overall quality of the smoking experience.

  • Wig Wag Pattern: Each downstream is adorned with a visually striking Wig Wag design, featuring colorful and swirling patterns that add an artistic flair to any bong or water pipe.

  • German Diffuser Technology: The diffused downstem design includes multiple slits or holes that effectively cool and filter the smoke, delivering a smoother and more enjoyable draw.

  • Bulk Display of 25: Ideal for retailers, this bulk offering includes 25 downstems, perfect for stocking up your store and providing a wide selection to your customers.

  • Versatile Compatibility: These downstems are Designed to fit a variety of bongs and waterpipes and come in popular sizes, making them a versatile choice for a range of smoking apparatuses.

  • Visually Appealing Display: The set is presented in an attractive display, making it easy to showcase the downstems in your store and attract customers' attention.

This Bulk Wig Wag Downstem Wholesale offering is an excellent choice for smoke shops, head shops, and online retailers looking to provide customers with high-quality, visually appealing, and functional bong accessories. The combination of German glass quality, diffuser technology, and the eye-catching Wig Wag design makes these downstems popular among smoking enthusiasts.

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