Donut Water Recyclers

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Elevate your dabbing journey with the Bent Neck Clear Base Shower head Percolator Mini Dab Rigs. Experience the perfect balance of design and functionality in every hit.
StyleWater Recycler
ShapeBent Neck
Glass PercolatorWater Recycler Rig
Joint Angle90°
Ground Joint14Female
Joint Conversion14 Male to 14 Female
Glass Tube5mm
Parts & AccessoriesShowered Downstem & Slide
Product Details

Innovative Incycler Design: Dive into a new smoke filtration and diffusion realm with the Angled Donut Hole Round Incycler. This groundbreaking design maximizes water interaction and cooling for smoother hits.

Enhanced Filtration: The Inline Percolator adds an extra layer of filtration, ensuring your draws are free from harshness and impurities, allowing you to enjoy the flavors of your dry herb or concentrates fully.

Reinforced Glass Construction: Crafted with durability in mind, this dab rig boasts reinforced glass construction, ensuring longevity and reliability throughout countless smoking sessions.

Versatile Performance: Whether you enjoy dry herbs or concentrates, this functional dab rig is engineered to provide optimal performance, catering to your preferred smoking style.

Angled Donut Hole Design: The angled donut hole serves as a captivating visual feature and contributes to the rig's exceptional diffusion capabilities, offering a smoke-cooling experience like no other.

Incycler Functionality: The Incycler design recycles water efficiently, creating a continuous cycle that enhances smoke cooling and filtration, resulting in a consistently satisfying draw.



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