Aleaf Glass Invert Single Dome

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Aleaf Glass Nectar Collector Tower with Barrel Perc 10 inches Elevate Your Dabbing Game
Glass PercolatorSingle Dome
Joint Angle180°
Ground Joint510 Thread Connect
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Aleaf Wholesale Liquid Purifier Glycerin-Filled Nectar Collector Kit | Bongs & Rigs Glass Collection

They are introducing Aleaf's latest addition to its exquisite glass collection – the Liquid Purifier Glycerin-Filled Nectar Collector Kit, available for wholesale. This kit stands out in our bongs and rigs collection, designed for discerning customers seeking premium quality and innovative features. The glycerin-filled nectar collector offers enhanced cooling and filtration, ensuring a smooth and flavorful dabbing experience. Perfect for smoke shops and dispensaries, this kit includes everything needed for an elevated concentrate session. The glycerin's liquid purifier technology is ideal for maintaining optimal temperatures, while the elegant glass design adds a touch of sophistication. By offering this kit in your store, you provide customers with a high-end, efficient solution for their dabbing needs.



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