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Gandalf Sherlock Glass Hand Pipes - Bent Neck Honeycomb Design

Our Gandalf Sherlock Glass Hand Pipes selection features a bent neck honeycomb design. Available in assorted colors at low prices, these pipes are a fantastic option for retailers and customers looking for quality smoking accessories with a unique style.

Bent Neck Design: Inspired by the pipe used by Gandalf in the "Lord of the Rings" series, these hand pipes have a long, gracefully bent neck that adds to their aesthetic appeal and enhances the smoking experience. The extended neck allows the smoke to cool more before inhalation, providing a smoother draw.

Honeycomb Pattern: The honeycomb design on these pipes is visually striking and adds texture and grip. Each line is intricately crafted with this pattern, making them unique and appealing to various tastes.

Assorted Colors: Available in various colors, these Gandalf Sherlock Glass Hand Pipes cater to different preferences, allowing customers to choose a pipe that resonates with their style.

These Gandalf Sherlock Glass Hand Pipes are perfect for smoke shops, head shops, and online retailers looking to offer high-quality, distinctive smoking pipes at competitive prices. Their elegant design, combined with the honeycomb pattern and variety of colors, makes them a popular choice among customers seeking style and functionality in their smoking accessories.

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