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Rasta Gold-Fumed Color Changing Large Water Smoke Bubbler. This striking piece not only features iconic Rasta colors but also undergoes a captivating color change as you use it.
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24k Gold Fumed Color-Changing Bubbler

Enhance your collection with our 24k Gold Fumed Color-Changing Bubbler. This exquisite piece features a stunning inside-out wig-wag design, creating a unique visual effect as it changes color with use. The 24k gold fume adds a touch of luxury, making this bubbler a functional and artistic masterpiece.

Inside-Out Wig-Wag Glass Bubbler

Experience the beauty of our Inside-Out Wig-Wag Glass Bubbler. Fumed with 24k gold, this bubbler showcases a vibrant color-changing effect. The intricate wig-wag design adds depth and character, making each piece a unique work of art. Perfect for those who appreciate both functionality and aesthetics.

Unique 24k Gold Fumed Bubbler

Stand out with our Unique 24k Gold Fumed Bubbler. The inside-out wig-wag design combined with the 24k gold fume creates a mesmerizing color-changing effect. This bubbler is a smoking device and a stunning piece of art, ideal for any enthusiast's collection.

Color-Changing Wig-Wag Bubbler

Add a touch of elegance to your sessions with our Color-Changing Wig-Wag Bubbler. The 24k gold fume and intricate inside-out wig-wag design create a dynamic visual experience. As you use it, watch the colors transform, making each session unique and enjoyable.

Artistic Gold Fumed Glass Bubbler

Discover the artistry of our Gold Fumed Glass Bubbler. Featuring a 24k gold fume and an inside-out wig-wag design, this bubbler offers a captivating color-changing effect. Its unique design and high-quality craftsmanship make it a perfect addition to any glass collection.

A color-changing glass bubbler is a type of smoking pipe that changes color over time with use. This effect is achieved through a process called fuming, where metals like gold or silver are vaporized and deposited onto the glass surface. As the pipe is used, the buildup of resin enhances the visibility of the colors, creating a dynamic and evolving appearance.
The fuming process involves vaporizing metals such as 24K gold and applying the vapor to the glass surface. This creates a thin film that interacts with light, causing the glass to display different colors. The metal fumes are embedded within the glass, and as the pipe is used and resin accumulates, the colors become more pronounced
The inside out wig wag design is a glassblowing technique where the artist works from the inside of the pipe outward, creating intricate patterns and designs. The wig wag pattern involves twisting and layering the glass to form a wavy, zigzag effect. This technique enhances the visual complexity and depth of the piece, making it more aesthetically appealing

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