Wig Wag Reticello Water Bubbler

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Rasta Stripe Frit Bubbler: Wig-Wag Glass Jamboree

Dive into the vibrant essence of the Rasta Stripe Frit Bubbler, a masterpiece where the spirited Rasta colors meet the intricate wig-wag pattern in a festival of glass art. This piece is crafted with the inside-out glass technique, layering colorful frit and twisting patterns to create a visual feast reminiscent of a lively festival. The dynamic wig-wag design adds depth and movement, making each puff an experience not just of taste but of art. Ideal for those who appreciate the blend of functionality and craftsmanship, this bubbler delivers smooth, filtered hits and stands as a testament to the artistry of glass blowing. With its colorful pipes and engaging patterns, it celebrates culture and craft, perfect for adding a burst of joy and artistry to any collection.

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