Raw and Organic Randys Hemp Wick

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Raw and Organic Randys Hemp Wick Lighter - 4 Feet Length Wick
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3 Displays (40 Count) 4" ft 3 $22.00

Pure and Natural

Randy's Hemp Wick is crafted from organic hemp, offering a natural alternative to traditional lighters. This bulk hemp wick provides a clean burn, eliminating the inhalation of butane fumes and enhancing the flavor of herbs.

Eco-Friendly Choice

With sustainability in mind, Randy's Hemp Wick is an eco-conscious option for smokers. Its slow burn rate and natural composition make it an environmentally friendly addition to any smoking ritual.

Versatile Use

This hemp wick is suitable for lighting a variety of smoking products, from pipes and cigars to bongs and chillums. Its versatility makes it a valuable product for a wide range of customers.

Wholesale Advantage

Available in extensive lengths, Randy's Hemp Wick is perfect for wholesale suppliers looking to offer their customers a high-quality, organic lighting option in bulk, ensuring competitive pricing and customer satisfaction.

Randy's Hemp Wick stands out as a top choice for wholesale suppliers seeking a natural, eco-friendly smoking accessory that delivers a cleaner, tastier experience for consumers.

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