Raw and Organic Randys Hemp Wick

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Raw and Organic Randys Hemp Wick Lighter 12.5 Feet Length Wick, 20 Bundles per Display.
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3 Displays (20 Count) 12.5" ft 3 $25.00

Natural Composition

Randy's 12.5ft Organic Hemp Wick is crafted from 100% organic hemp and coated in natural beeswax, providing smokers with a healthier alternative to traditional butane lighters. Its organic composition ensures a clean burn without altering the taste of your herbs.

Eco-Friendly Smoking Accessory

As an Eco-Conscious Choice, this hemp wick is a favorite among environmentally aware consumers. By using Randy's Hemp Wick, users can avoid inhaling harmful gases typically associated with butane lighters, making it a safer option for both the user and the environment.

Enhanced Flavor and Control

Superior Flavor and Flame Control are vital benefits of Randy's Hemp Wick. It burns at a lower temperature than butane lighters, allowing for a more flavorful hit and the ability to 'corner' the bowl, leading to a more enjoyable and controlled smoking session.

Bulk Availability for Resellers

Wholesale Opportunities are abundant with Randy's Hemp Wick. Available in 20-count display boxes, resellers can stock up on this popular smoking accessory. The 12.5ft length ensures that each piece lasts, providing excellent value for both the seller and the consumer.

Randy's 12.5ft Organic Hemp Wick is a top choice for resellers offering a high-quality, eco-friendly smoking accessory. Its natural composition, enhanced flavor, and flame control, combined with the convenience of bulk purchasing, make it a valuable addition to any retail or online store.

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