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Raw and Organic Randys Hemp Wick Lighter 100-Feet - 6 Spools per Display
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Organic and Natural

Randy's Raw Hemp Wick is crafted from organic hemp and coated with natural beeswax, providing a healthier and more natural way to light smoking products. Unlike traditional lighters, this hemp wick eliminates the inhalation of butane, ensuring a purer taste and a cleaner hit.

Extended Burn Time

Randy's Hemp Wick burns slowly and consistently thanks to its quality materials, allowing for extended use from each 100ft spool. This slow burn conserves the wick and provides more control over the flame, making it easier to corner bowls and enjoy longer sessions.

Lower Temperature for Enhanced Flavor

The hemp wick burns at a lower temperature compared to butane lighters. This gentle heat does not combust herbs too quickly, preserving the flavors and aromas of your smoking materials. Users can enjoy less harsh, more flavorful hits, enhancing the overall smoking experience.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Randy's Hemp Wick is an excellent choice for environmentally-conscious consumers and retailers. Its production supports sustainable farming practices, and avoiding butane contributes to a healthier planet. This eco-friendly option can attract a broader customer base looking for green alternatives. Randy's Raw Hemp Wick in 100ft bulk spools is ideal for retailers seeking to provide their customers with a healthier, more flavorful, and eco-friendly lighting solution. Its organic composition, extended burn time, and lower combustion temperature make it a superior choice for enhancing the smoking experience.



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