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Raw and Organic Randys Hemp Wick Lighter 15.5 Feet Length Wick
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3 Displays (18 Count) 15.5" ft 3 $34.00

Randy's 15.5 Feet Hemp Wick - Bulk Organic Supplier Online

Randy's 15.5 Feet Hemp Wick is crafted from 100% organic hemp, ensuring a pure and sustainable alternative to traditional lighters. By avoiding the inhalation of toxic butane fumes, users can enjoy a natural, slow burn that preserves the flavors of their herbs.

Enhanced Smoking Experience

This hemp wick delivers a better-tasting, butane-free hit, allowing for more flame control. This control enables users to 'corner' their bowls of legal herbs, ensuring a less harsh, more flavorful experience. The low temperature at which the Hemp Wick burns prevents the herb from being torched, allowing for more enjoyable sessions.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Opting for Randy's Hemp Wick contributes to reducing your carbon footprint. Made with organic hemp and beeswax, it represents an eco-conscious choice for smokers who value environmental sustainability.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Randy's Hemp Wick comes in a 15.5-foot length, providing ample supply for multiple uses. It's easy to light and transfer to your legal herb, offering a cleaner hit without the toxins butane brings. The Hemp Wick is also waterproof, thanks to the beeswax coating, making it resilient and versatile for various conditions.

Bulk Availability

Available for purchase in bulk, Randy's 15.5 Feet Hemp Wick is an excellent option for resellers and consumers looking for organic quality in large quantities. Its raw brilliance ensures that every flame emanates the untainted essence of hemp, providing a natural and satisfying lighting experience. Randy's 15.5 Feet Hemp Wick is a top choice for those seeking a natural, cleaner, and more flavorful smoking experience. Its organic composition, enhanced control, and eco-friendliness make it a must-have for discerning smokers and resellers alike.

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