Brass Screens Bulk .5" Brass

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Randy's Brass Pipe Screens Convenient and Reliable. 36 packs of 20 screens, 720 Screens Jar.
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3 Jars (36 Packs) 720 Screens 3 $10.00

Randy's .5" Brass Screen Jar - 20 Packs per Display

We supply Randy's 5 Brass Screen Jars in bulk, with 20 packs per display, available for wholesale. These brass screens are essential pipe accessories designed to enhance the smoking experience by maintaining cleanliness and improving pipe airflow.

Each jar contains five high-quality brass screens, known for their durability and effectiveness. The compact jar design makes it convenient for users to carry and store their screens. Randy's brass screens are well-regarded in the smoking accessories market for their quality and reliability.

This bulk offering includes 20 packs in each display, making it an excellent purchase for smoke shops, online retailers, and dispensaries looking to stock up on essential smoking accessories. The brass screens are a staple item for pipe users, and Randy's brand adds trust and recognition to your customers. These screen jars are an excellent choice for businesses seeking to offer value and quality to their clientele.

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