Stainless Steel Mesh Screens .750"

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Randy's 0.750" Stainless Steel Pipe Screens - Quality and Convenience. 36 packs of 20 screens, 720 Screens Jar 36 packs of 20 screens, 720 Screens Jar
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3 Jars (36 Packs) 720 Screens 3 $10.00

Randy's .750 Inch Stainless Steel Screen Jar - Available in Stainless Steel or Brass, 36 Packs at Low Prices

We offer Randy's .750-inch stainless Steel Screen Jars at low prices in stainless steel and brass options. Each jar has high-quality screens; we provide these in bulk with 36 packs per order. These screens are essential accessories for pipe users, enhancing the smoking experience by ensuring cleaner and more efficient airflow.

These screens' .750-inch size is suitable for various pipe sizes, making them versatile for different types of users. Customers can choose between stainless steel and brass screens based on their preferences. Stainless steel screens are known for their durability and heat resistance, while brass screens offer a smoother smoking experience with less metallic taste.

These screen jars are ideal for smoke shops, online retail stores, and dispensaries looking to offer quality smoking accessories at competitive prices. With 36 packs in each bulk order, retailers can adequately stock these essential items. Randy's screens are a trusted choice in the smoking accessories market, and they are known for their quality and reliability.

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