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Randy's 0.812" Stainless Steel Pipe Screens - Reliable and Durable. 36 packs of 20 screens, 720 Screens Jar 36 packs of 20 screens, 720 Screens Jar
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Randy's 812 Stainless Steel Screen Jar - 36 Packs, 720 Screens Total, Wholesale Bulk at Low Prices Online

Offering Randy's 812 Stainless Steel Screen Jars for wholesale, each jar contains 36 packs, each featuring 20 individual screens, totaling 720 screens per jar. These screens are essential for any smoker, designed to enhance the smoking experience by preventing material from entering the mouth and ensuring uninterrupted airflow.

Each screen measures 13/16 inches in diameter, making them suitable for most glass, metal, ceramic, silicone, or wood smoking pieces. The stainless steel construction of Randy's Mesh Screens is chosen for its high melting point and durability, making them ideal for withstanding constant temperature changes during use.

Randy's stainless steel screens are simple: mold one mesh screen to fit perfectly within the bottom of your favorite smoking piece's bowl, add your preferred dry herb and enjoy a clean, debris-free smoking experience.

This bulk offering is perfect for retailers looking for high-quality and effective filtration systems for their customers. The 36 packs per jar, with 20 screens per pack, provide great value and ensure a consistent supply of durable and reliable screens. Randy's commitment to quality materials guarantees an elevated smoking experience with each use.



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