Bulk Brass Screens .750"

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Randy's Bulk Wholesale Brass Pipe Screens. 36 packs of 20 screens, 720 Screens Jar
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3 Jars (36 Packs) 720 Screens 3 $13.00

Randy's .750 Inch Brass Mesh Screen Jars - 36 Packs at Low Prices

Randy's .750-inch brass Mesh Screen Jars are now available at low prices, with each bulk order containing 36 packs. These brass mesh screens are essential accessories for pipe smokers, designed to enhance the overall smoking experience by ensuring cleaner airflow and preventing residue build-up.

The .750-inch size of these brass screens makes them versatile, fitting a wide range of pipe sizes. Many smokers prefer brass mesh for its effective filtration and reduced metallic taste compared to other materials. Each jar in this bulk offering is packed with high-quality brass mesh screens, ensuring durability and longevity.

These brass mesh screen jars are offered competitively, allowing businesses to stock up on high-demand smoking accessories. The 36-pack quantity per order ensures a sufficient supply for high sales volume. Randy's is a respected brand in the smoking accessories market, known for producing reliable and high-quality products, making these brass mesh screen jars an excellent choice for retailers looking to offer value to their customers.

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