Brass Screens for Pipes .812."

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Durable Brass Pipe Screens Wholesale Bulk Supply. 36 packs of 20 screens, 720 Screens Jar .812
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3 Jars (36 Packs) 720 Screens 3 $13.00

Randy's 812 Stainless Steel Screen Jar - 36 Packs per Display, Bulk Online at Low Cost

Randy's .812" Stainless Steel Screen Jars, available in bulk with 36 packs per display, are now offered online at low cost. These screens are a crucial accessory for pipe smokers, designed to enhance the smoking experience by providing effective filtration and preventing unwanted material from entering the mouth.

Each pack in the jar contains high-quality stainless steel screens measuring .812" in diameter. These screens suit various smoking pieces, such as glass, metal, ceramic, silicone, or wood. Stainless steel is known for its durability and heat resistance, making these screens a reliable choice for frequent use.

Offering these stainless steel screen jars at bulk prices allows retailers to stock a high-demand smoking accessory at an affordable cost. Randy's reputation for quality ensures these screens are a valuable addition to any smoking accessory collection, appealing to new and experienced smokers.

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