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Enjoy vaporizing sessions with Loov, the premium tabletop vaporizer from the Randy brand. Experience versatile and precise vaporization for a new level of enjoyment. Explore the world of Loov today.
Product Details

Innovative Tabletop Design

Randy's Loov is a new and innovative tabletop vaporizer that offers a unique session. With the ability to fill the glass beaker with vapor and tip it back to your preference, Loov provides a customizable experience for every user.

Multi-Purpose Functionality

Loov is designed to cater to various vaping preferences, accommodating different materials for a versatile session. Whether you enjoy concentrates or are looking for a device compatible with 510 thread cartridges, Loov has you covered

Elegant and Modern Aesthetics

The Loov vaporizer boasts a mid-century modern design that allows it to stand as a centerpiece in any decor. Its elegant and detailed appearance pairs with progressive technology to offer both style and function

Industry-Leading Coil Technology

Combining innovative technologies with an industry-leading coil, Loov ensures a robust and smooth session with every use. The triple quartz coils for concentrates contribute to the efficiency and quality of the vapor produced.

Sharing the Experience

Loov is perfect for sharing with friends, offering a hands-free session to enjoy in a group. The unique experience of using Loov is worth sharing, and users are encouraged to join the conversation with the hashtag #ShareTheLoov.

High-Quality Construction

Randy's Loov is built with high-quality materials, including a 1600 mAh battery that charges in 1.5-2 hours. The variable voltage settings from 2.5v to 4.0v allow precise control over your vaping experience.

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