Solid Frit Dab Honey Dab Straw

Item Code NC14-Mixed
AvailabilityIn stock
Solid Colored Fritt Dab Chillum Nectar Collector Bold Simplicity for Dabbing Enthusiasts
StyleArtistic Heady Glass
Glass PercolatorOpen Flow
Joint Angle180°
Ground Joint10Male
Product Details

Solid Frit Color Nectar Dab Honey Straws | Wholesale Supplier

Discover the solid frit color nectar dab honey straws from our wholesale collection. These straws stand out with their vibrant and solid frit color designs, offering a bold and artistic touch to any dabbing experience. Ideal for retailers and smoke shops, our wholesale supply provides a range of beautifully crafted honey straws, appealing to customers who value aesthetics and functionality. The solid frit color technique results in a captivating, colorful finish, making each straw a tool for concentrate consumption and a visually stunning piece. Perfect for businesses looking to enhance their offerings with unique and high-quality dabbing accessories, these nectar dab honey straws will surely attract attention and satisfaction from concentrate enthusiasts.

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