Reclaimer Ash Catcher Reversal Wig Wag 45° Angle

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Reclaimer Ash Catchers - Enhance Your Smoking Experience.
Glass StyleArtistic Heady Glass
Joint Angle45°
Ground Joint14Male
Product Details

Syfy Glass Ash Catchers | Reclaimer Attachment | American Dab Filter Smoke

Elevate your dabbing experience with Syfy Glass Ash Catchers, a premium American-made reclaimer attachment designed to filter and enhance your smoke. These ash catchers are meticulously crafted to provide optimal filtration, effectively reclaiming and preserving your concentrates. The Syfy Glass range is renowned for its durability and efficiency, ensuring a cleaner and smoother dabbing session. These reclaimers serve as a practical addition to your rig and a stylish piece, showcasing the quality of American craftsmanship. It is ideal for anyone looking to enhance their dabbing setup with a functional and visually appealing accessory.



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