Reclaimer Ash Catcher Reversal Wig Wag 90° Angle

Item Code AC13-90-14male
AvailabilityIn stock
Step up your Smoking Setup with the Distinctive Reclaimer Ash Catcher in Slime Green
ColorSlime Green
Glass StyleArtistic Heady Glass
Joint Angle90°
Ground Joint14Male
Product Details

Ash Catchers & Bong Reclaimer Attachments | Syfy Glass | American Dab Rigs

Syfy Glass offers an exclusive range of American-made ash catchers and bong reclaimer attachments tailored to enhance your dab rig experience. These attachments are designed to filter and reclaim efficiently, ensuring a cleaner and more flavorful dabbing session. Crafted with precision and care in the USA, our Syfy Glass ash catchers are perfect for those who value function and form in their dab rigs. They not only keep your rig cleaner for longer but also add an element of sophistication to your setup. Ideal for connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike, these attachments are a must-have for any severe dabber looking to upgrade their rig with high-quality American craftsmanship.

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