All One Electronic E-nail Vaporizer

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Enjoy adaptable and precise vaping with the Metrix All Size One Electronic E-nail Vaporizer, designed for all sizes and guaranteeing consistent, satisfying vapor with each use.
Product Details

Versatile Compatibility

The Metrix Electronic Nail (E-Nail) is designed to fit both male and female joints, making it a flexible option for various rigs. Its adaptability ensures that you can enjoy your favorite concentrates with any setup.

Advanced Heating

Equipped with precise temperature control, the Metrix E-Nail allows you to customize your vaping experience to achieve the perfect dab every time. Enjoy consistent and efficient heating for superior vapor quality.

Portable and Convenient

The portability of the Metrix E-Nail makes it an excellent choice for on-the-go use. Its compact design means you can easily take it with you, ensuring you're never without your preferred vaping method.

Trusted Online Vape Supplier

As a product available from a reputable online vape supplier, you can trust the quality and reliability of the Metrix E-Nail. Shop confidently, knowing you're getting a product from a trusted source. The Metrix Electronic Nail is a top choice for vaping enthusiasts looking for a versatile, efficient, and portable e-rig. Its compatibility with male and female joints and advanced heating capabilities make it a standout product in the vaporizer market.



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