Tornado Honeycomb Vortex

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Elevate your dabbing journey with the Bent Neck Clear Base Shower head Percolator Mini Dab Rigs. Experience the perfect balance of design and functionality in every hit.
StyleWax and Concentrates
Glass PercolatorDouble Honeycomb
Joint Angle90°
Ground Joint14Male
Joint Conversion14 Female to 14 Male
Glass Tube5mm
Parts & AccessoriesStemless Joint & 14mm Male Slide
Product Details

4 Pcs (Mixed Colors) 4 $18.50

Unique Double Vortex Design

Our Double Vortex Straight Tube Water Bongs & Dab Rigs feature a unique and innovative design, enhancing the filtration process for a smoother smoking experience. The double vortex percolator creates a swirling motion in the water, providing exceptional diffusion and cooling of the smoke.

High-Quality Glass Construction

Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, these bongs and dab rigs are built to last and resist thermal stress, ensuring longevity and a clean taste. The durability of the construction makes them a reliable and enjoyable choice for smoking sessions.

Straight Tube Design

The straight tube design of these bongs and dab rigs offers a simple and functional approach to smoking, making them suitable for various preferences. The straight tube allows for easy handling and cleaning while still providing a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.

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