Chill - Extra Large Ice Cube Tray Set

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Chill in Style with the Extra-Large Ice Cube Tray Set from Toker Hub
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Chill Extra Large Ice Cube Tray Set

The Chill Extra Large Ice Cube Tray Set is designed to complement bongs and pipes, providing an enhanced cooling effect for a smoother smoking experience. These trays are ideal for users who prefer a chilled hit without the quick melting of standard ice cubes.

Designed for Bongs and Pipes

These ice cube trays are crafted to produce extra-large ice cubes that fit perfectly in bongs and pipes, ensuring a prolonged cooling effect during use. The size and shape of the ice cubes are optimized to minimize splash and maximize chill.

Wholesale availability

Available for wholesale purchase, these ice cube tray sets are a great addition to any smoke shop or dispensary looking to offer unique accessories to customers. Chill Steel Pipes provides these high-quality trays to retailers, ensuring they can stock up on a popular, in-demand product.



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