Single Dome Reclaimer Ash Catcher

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Elevate Your Smoke - Efficient Filtration with Single Dome Ash Catcher
Glass StyleAttachment
Joint Angle45°
Ground Joint14Male
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Ash Catcher Showerhead Recycler Reclaimer | Bong Attachments Online

Explore our online selection of advanced ash catcher attachments featuring the showerhead recycler reclaimer design, which is perfect for upgrading your bong. These innovative attachments are engineered to provide superior filtration and cooling, enhancing the purity and smoothness of your smoke. The showerhead design ensures thorough diffusion while the recycler reclaims and preserves your concentrates, making each session more efficient and enjoyable. These ash catchers are functional and add a visually striking element to your bong setup. Ideal for smokers looking to elevate their experience, our ash catcher showerhead recyclers are a must-have for any sophisticated bong enthusiast.



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