Reclaimer Ash Filter Ash Catchers

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Reclaimer Ash Catchers in Bulk
Glass StyleAttachment
Joint Angle45°
Ground Joint14Male
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14mm Male Joint

This ash catcher features a 14mm male joint, making it compatible with bongs and water pipes with a 14mm female joint. It provides a secure connection and easy installation.

45-Degree Joint Angle

This ash catcher is designed with a 45-degree joint angle compatible with water pipes with a matching joint. This ensures a perfect fit and seamless integration with your existing setup.

Double Showerhead Percolator

Equipped with a double showerhead percolator, this ash catcher enhances smoke filtration by breaking the smoke into smaller bubbles, resulting in smoother and cooler hits.

Recycler Design

The recycler design allows for continuous filtration and cooling of the smoke. The water and smoke are recycled back into the bottom chamber, ensuring maximum filtration before entering your bong.

Pre-Cooler Functionality

In addition to catching ash and debris, this attachment also acts as a pre-cooler, further cooling the smoke before it enters your bong. This dual functionality enhances your overall smoking experience.

Durable Borosilicate Glass Construction

Made from high-quality borosilicate glass, this ash catcher is designed to withstand regular use. Its robust construction ensures longevity and reliability.

Enhanced Filtration

Combining the double showerhead percolator and recycler design provides superior filtration, resulting in smoother and cooler hits. This enhances the overall smoking experience, making it more enjoyable.

Easy to Clean

The design of this ash catcher makes it easy to clean. Rinse with warm water and use a cleaning solution to keep it pristine.

The 14mm Male Size Recycler Ash Catcher is a high-quality smoking accessory designed to provide extra filtration and cooling for your water pipe. This ash catcher features a double showerhead percolator and a recycler function, which work together to enhance the diffusion and cooling of the smoke. It has a 14mm male joint and a 45-degree angle, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of water pipes. The ash catcher acts as a pre-cooler, filtering and cooling the smoke before it even reaches your main piece.
The double showerhead percolator in the ash catcher is a key feature that significantly enhances the smoking experience. As smoke passes through the percolator, it is broken up into smaller bubbles, increasing the surface area that comes into contact with the water. This process helps to filter out impurities and cool the smoke, resulting in smoother and cleaner hits. The double showerhead design provides even more diffusion and cooling, ensuring a superior smoking experience.
Using the Recycler Ash Catcher offers several benefits. Its primary function is to catch ash and reclaim dabs before they enter the main chamber of your water pipe, keeping it cleaner for longer periods. Additionally, it provides exceptional filtration and cooling through the double showerhead percolator and recycler function, resulting in smoother and more enjoyable hits. The 45-degree angle ensures a secure and comfortable fit on your pipe, while the 14mm male joint size ensures compatibility with a wide range of water pipes.
The recycler function of the ash catcher continuously recycles water and smoke back down to the bottom of the chamber for constant filtration. This process ensures that the smoke is filtered multiple times before it reaches your main piece, providing an extra layer of purification and cooling. The recycler function helps to maintain a consistent level of water in the ash catcher, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the filtration process.
The key features of the 14mm Male Size Recycler Ash Catcher include its double showerhead percolator, recycler function, 14mm male joint size, and 45-degree angle. The double showerhead percolator provides exceptional diffusion and cooling, while the recycler function ensures continuous filtration. The 14mm male joint size and 45-degree angle ensure compatibility with a wide range of water pipes, making it a versatile and effective pre-cooler attachment.
The design of the 14mm Male Size Recycler Ash Catcher is carefully crafted to enhance its functionality. The double showerhead percolator and recycler function work together to provide multiple layers of filtration and cooling, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. The 14mm male joint size and 45-degree angle ensure a secure and stable fit on your water pipe, contributing to the overall performance and effectiveness of the ash catcher. The high-quality construction ensures durability and longevity, making it a reliable addition to your smoking setup.

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