Premium Handmade Wooden Dugout Pipes

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Wholesale Wooden Dugout Smoke Pipes.
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Wholesale Wenge Wood One-Hitter Dugouts with Pipes - Low-Cost Locking Wooden Dugout

Our Wenge Wood One-Hitter Dugouts with pipes are available for wholesale at a low cost. They are crafted from Wenge wood, known for its durability and distinctive dark appearance, making them stylish and resilient.

Each dugout features a locking mechanism, ensuring the contents are securely stored, which adds an extra layer of convenience and safety for users. The compact design includes a one-hitter pipe, ideal for discreet and quick smoking sessions.

These Wenge Wood Dugouts are perfect for retailers offering high-quality, durable, and functional smoking accessories. The locking feature, the quality of Wenge wood, and the included one-hitter pipe make these dugouts a valuable addition to any smoke shop or online store. The low wholesale cost also ensures excellent value for the retailer and the end customer.

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