Premium Handmade Wooden Dugout Pipes

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Wooden Bats Included Wooden Dugout Pipes
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Multicolored Round Wooden Dugout and One-Hitter Pipe - Available in Bulk at Competitive Prices

Our Multicolored Round Wooden Dugout and One-Hitter Pipe are now available for bulk purchase at competitive prices. This combination offers a convenient and stylish smoking solution for retailers looking to enhance their range of smoking accessories.

Each dugout is crafted from wood and features a unique, multicolored round design, adding an artistic and personal touch to the smoking experience. The compact and ergonomic shape of the dugout makes it comfortable to hold and easy to carry.

Each dugout includes a one-hitter pipe, which fits neatly into the dugout, making it ideal for discreet and quick smoking sessions. Combining the beautifully designed wooden dugout and the efficient one-hitter pipe offers aesthetic appeal and practicality.

These multicolored round wooden dugouts and one-hitter pipes are perfect for smoke shops, head shops, and online retailers looking for unique, high-quality smoking accessories. The bulk pricing allows for a significant margin while providing customers with a functional and visually appealing product.

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