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Smooth and Stylish: Mini Sidecar Bubbler with Candy Cane Swirls
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Mini Sidecar Bubbler

Enjoy the convenience of our Mini Sidecar Bubbler. This 4-inch handpipe is designed for portability and ease of use, perfect for on-the-go smoking sessions. The fumed glass finish with candy cane swirls adds a visually striking appearance, making it a standout piece in any collection. The sidecar design ensures a comfortable grip and stable base, while the carb hole allows easy airflow control.

Fumed Candy Cane Swirl Bubbler

Experience the beauty of our Fumed Candy Cane Swirl Bubbler. The fumed glass creates a dynamic color-changing effect, while the candy cane swirls add a whimsical touch. The sidecar design and carb hole provide a smooth and controlled smoking experience, making this bubbler functional and stylish.

Affordable 4-Inch Bubbler

Get the best of both worlds with our Affordable 4-inch Bubbler. This mini sidecar bubbler features a fumed glass finish with candy cane swirls, offering a unique and eye-catching design. The compact size makes it easy to carry, and the carb hole ensures smooth hits every time.

Portable Sidecar Bubbler

Discover the convenience of our Portable Sidecar Bubbler. The 4-inch size is perfect for on-the-go use, while the fumed candy cane swirls add a touch of fun and style. The sidecar design provides a comfortable grip, and the carb hole allows for precise airflow control, ensuring a smooth smoking experience.

Compact Candy Cane Swirl Bubbler

Add a touch of whimsy to your sessions with our Compact Candy Cane Swirl Bubbler. The fumed glass finish and candy cane swirls create a stunning visual effect, while the sidecar design ensures stability and comfort. The carb hole allows easy airflow management, making this bubbler a perfect addition to any collection.

A mini sidecar bubbler is a compact and portable smoking pipe that combines the features of a hand pipe and a water pipe. The sidecar design features an angled neck that is offset from the main chamber, which helps prevent water from splashing back into the mouth while providing a comfortable grip.
The fumed candy cane swirl design is achieved through a glassblowing technique where metals like silver or gold are vaporized and deposited onto the glass surface. This creates a color-changing effect that evolves with use. The candy cane swirl pattern adds a festive and visually striking appearance, making each piece unique.
The sidecar design offers several benefits: Prevents Splashback: The offset neck helps prevent water from splashing back into the mouth. Comfortable Grip: The angled neck provides a more ergonomic and comfortable grip during use. Aesthetic Appeal: The unique design adds to the visual appeal of the bubbler, making it a standout piece in any collection.
To use a mini sidecar bubbler: Fill the Chamber: Add water to the chamber, ensuring the downstem is submerged. Pack the Bowl: Place your smoking material in the bowl. Light and Inhale: Light the material while inhaling through the mouthpiece. Use the Carb Hole: Cover the carb hole while lighting and inhaling, then release it to clear the smoke from the chamber.
To clean and maintain your mini sidecar bubbler: Rinse with Warm Water: Empty any remaining water and material, then rinse the bubbler with warm water. Use Cleaning Solution: Fill the bubbler with a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt. Shake and Scrub: Shake the bubbler gently to scrub the interior. Use pipe cleaners or brushes for hard-to-reach areas. Rinse Thoroughly: Rinse with warm water until all residue and cleaning solution are removed. Dry Completely: Allow the bubbler to air dry completely before using it again.

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