Titanium Nail Replacement for Nectar Collectors

Item Code QR08-10male
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10 Millimeter Titanium Nail Precision Replacement for Nectar Collectors
Glass StyleAttachment
Joint Angle180°
Ground Joint Size10Male
Product Details

10mm Titanium Nail Replacement Nectar Collector Tips

Our selection of 10mm titanium nail replacement tips for nectar collectors is designed to meet the needs of dab enthusiasts. These titanium tips, known for their exceptional durability and excellent heat conduction, are ideal for frequent, intense dabbing sessions. The 10mm size is compatible with various nectar collectors, making them a versatile option for users. These tips are perfect for those who prefer a robust and efficient dabbing experience. Made from high-quality titanium, they ensure longevity and consistent performance, providing a pure and flavorful dab every time. Whether for personal use or as part of a more extensive dabbing setup, these nectar collector tips are essential for concentrate consumption.

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