Ceramic Nail Replacement for Nectar Collectors

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14 Millimeter Ceramic Nail Premium Replacement for Nectar Collectors
Glass StyleAttachment
Joint Angle180°
Ground Joint Size14Male
Product Details

14mm Ceramic Nail Replacement for Nectar Collectors | Tokers Hub

Tokers Hub presents a premium selection of 14mm ceramic nail replacements, ideally suited for nectar collectors. These ceramic tips are designed for dabbers who prioritize flavor and heat efficiency. The 14mm size ensures compatibility with a wide range of nectar collectors, offering versatility and convenience. Ceramic nails are known for their excellent heat retention, providing a consistent and enjoyable dabbing experience. They are ideal for those seeking a clean, flavorful hit without compromising quality. Our ceramic nail replacements are a top choice for updating your nectar collector, whether for personal use or as a high-quality offering in your retail store. At Tokers Hub, we are committed to providing superior dabbing accessories that enhance the overall experience.



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