Strong Hold Keck Clip Replacement for Nectar Collector

Item Code QR12-14male
AvailabilityIn stock
14 Millimeter Strong Hold Keck Clip Dependable Replacement for Nectar Collectors
Glass StyleAttachment
Joint Angle180°
Ground Joint Size14Male
Product Details

Keck Clip Strong Hold Plastic Nectar Collector Joint Clips | Bulk Supplier

Meta Title Paragraph: As a prominent bulk supplier, we offer Keck Clips with a stronghold designed for nectar collectors. These plastic joint clips are essential for securely attaching various components of nectar collectors, ensuring a stable and safe dabbing experience. Crafted from durable plastic, these Keck Clips provide a firm grip, preventing any slippage or disconnection during use. Available in bulk, they are ideal for smoke shops, dispensaries, and individual resellers looking to provide their customers with high-quality nectar collector accessories. These clips are designed to fit various sizes, making them versatile for different types of nectar collectors. Stocking these stronghold Keck Clips in bulk ensures that you can cater to the needs of a broad customer base.



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