Unique Wig Wag Reversal Glass Smoke Bowl

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Unique Wig Wag Reversal Glass Smoke Bowl A Work of Art in Your Hands
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Wig Wag Bong Bowls - Deep Dish Design, 14mm Male, for Bongs & Parts

Discover the vibrant and functional Wig Wag Bong Bowls, a perfect addition to any smoking enthusiast's collection. These bowls feature a captivating deep dish design in a 14mm male size, suitable for various bongs and waterpipes. Each bowl showcases the distinctive Wig Wag pattern, known for its colorful and swirling glass design that adds a unique artistic touch to your smoking sessions.

Crafted with precision and care, these bowls offer visual appeal and practicality. The deep dish design allows for a generous packing of dry herbs, ideal for extended use without frequent reloading. The 14mm male joint size ensures easy compatibility with most standard bongs and waterpipe parts, making these bowls versatile for various smoking setups.

These Wig Wag Bong Bowls are perfect for retailers and distributors looking to enhance their assortment of smoking accessories. Their eye-catching design and functional deep dish construction make them a sought-after item among consumers who appreciate both style and efficiency in their smoking accessories. Whether for personal use or as part of a more extensive collection, these bowls will impress and provide a standout smoking experience.



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