Green Round Dish

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Green Round Dish combines a classic shape with a vibrant green hue, offering a visually appealing and functional piece for your collection.
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Standard Round Green Glass Bong Bowls - Affordable Wholesale Prices

Our collection now includes the Standard Round Green Glass Bong Bowls, offered at competitive wholesale prices. These bowls feature a classic round shape and are crafted from beautiful green glass, adding a touch of elegance and simplicity to any bong or water pipe. The subtle green hue gives these bowls a natural and serene appearance, making them a versatile choice for various smoking setups.

Designed for durability and everyday use, these bowls are made from high-quality glass that withstands heat and ensures a pure smoking experience. The standard round shape is aesthetically pleasing and practical, allowing for easy packing and cleaning.

Ideal for retailers, these green glass bong bowls are an excellent addition to any smoke shop or online store’s inventory. Their standard size ensures compatibility with most bongs and rigs, making them a practical choice for many customers. These bowls offer great value at wholesale prices, allowing retailers to provide quality products to their customers at an affordable cost.

Perfect for those seeking a classic and understated look, our Standard Round Green Glass Bong Bowls are a must-have for anyone looking to stock up on reliable and attractive smoking accessories.



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