Long Neck Sherlock Glass Pipe

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The Long Neck Sherlock Glass Pipe boasts a classic design with a modern twist, delivering a comfortable grip and a smooth smoking experience. Its elongated neck ensures cooler hits while showcasing timeless elegance.
Product Details

Wholesale Extra-Long Glass Sherlock Hand Pipe - Bowl Stripe, Colorful, Fast Ship

We offer the Extra-Long Glass Sherlock Hand Pipe for wholesale. This pipe features a bowl stripe design in various colorful options. It is perfect for retailers seeking to provide their customers with a unique and visually appealing smoking accessory.

Extra-Long Design: This Sherlock pipe's extended length gives it a distinctive and elegant appearance and enhances the smoking experience. The longer stem allows the smoke to cool more as it travels, providing a smoother draw.

Bowl Stripe Design: Each pipe features a colorful bowl stripe, adding a touch of artistic flair. This design element makes each line visually striking and unique, appealing to various tastes and preferences.

Fast Shipping: We understand the need for quick inventory turnaround, so we offer fast shipping on these pipes, ensuring that retailers can promptly meet their customers' demands.

Extra-long glass Sherlock Hand Pipes are an excellent addition to any collection of smoking accessories. The pipe's extra-long design, colorful bowl stripe, and our commitment to fast shipping make this product desirable for businesses seeking to offer high-quality and unique products.

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