Tank Martini Spiral Handle

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The Tank Martini Spiral Handle combines the sophistication of the classic martini design with a distinctive spiral grip, offering both elegance and a secure grasp for your sipping pleasure.
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Side Handle Bong Bowls with Spiral Color Twist - 14mm Male Twisted Glass Bowl

Explore the functional elegance of our Side Handle Bong Bowls, featuring a Spiral Color Twist design. These bowls are crafted with a 14mm male joint size, making them a perfect fit for various bongs and waterpipes. The unique twisted glass design showcases a mesmerizing spiral of colors, adding a dynamic and artistic flair to your smoking experience.

The integral side handle on these bowls adds to their visual appeal and enhances usability. It provides a safe and comfortable grip, making it easier to handle the hot bowl and reducing the risk of accidental drops. This thoughtful design detail is perfect for both novice and experienced smokers.

Constructed from high-quality glass, these twisted bowls are striking in appearance, durable, and built to last. Each bowl's spiral color pattern is unique, ensuring that no two bowls are identical and adding an individualized touch to your collection.

Ideal for retailers looking for distinctive and functional smoking accessories, these Side Handle Bong Bowls with Spiral Color Twist are sure to captivate customers. Their stylish design, practicality, and compatibility make them a standout choice for enhancing any smoking setup.

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