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Crystal Colored Glass Funnel Bowl with Handle - Wholesale Bong Bowls

Discover our exquisite collection of crystal-colored glass Funnel Bowls, now available for wholesale. Each bowl features a convenient handle, combining elegance with practicality. These bowls are designed in a funnel shape, allowing for easy loading and an efficient smoking experience. Made from high-quality, crystal-colored glass, these bowls are durable and add a touch of sophistication to any bong or water pipe.

Adding a handle to these bowls enhances usability, allowing for easy lifting and handling without the risk of burns or discomfort during use. This design detail is particularly beneficial for frequent smokers or those who prefer a more comfortable and safe smoking session.

Ideal for wholesalers and retailers, these crystal-colored glass Funnel Bowls with Handles offer a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Their sleek, modern look is accentuated by their crystal coloring, making them popular among customers who appreciate a more refined style in their smoking accessories.

These bowls are a fantastic addition to any smoke shop or dispensary looking to offer high-quality and stylish bong bowls. Their practicality, durability, and elegant design make them a must-have item for any retailer aiming to enhance their assortment of smoking accessories.

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