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Marrying the sophistication of the iconic martini shape with a lively green tint, the Tank Martini Slide stands out as a fusion of style and practicality.
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Affordable 14mm Male Round Glass Bong Bowls - Bulk Wholesale

Our bulk collection of 14mm Male Round Glass Bong Bowls offers an affordable solution for enhancing your smoking accessories range. Each bowl is crafted from durable glass, designed to withstand regular use and maintain its clarity over time. The 14mm male joint size ensures these bowls are universally compatible with most standard bongs and waterpipes, making them versatile for any smoker's collection.

The round shape of these glass bowls is not only classic in appearance but also practical for an even and efficient burning of herbs. This design allows easy loading and cleaning, catering to novice and experienced users. The transparent glass maintains the visual appeal of the smoking process, adding to the overall experience.

Available at low prices for wholesale purchases, these Round Glass Bong Bowls are a cost-effective option for retailers and smoke shop owners looking to stock high-quality, dependable products. They balance functionality and simplicity, ensuring they are a staple in smoking accessories.

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