Tank Glass Martini Slide

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Sophistication in Every Puff - Tank Glass Martini Bowls.
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Martini Slides - Colored One-Hitter Bong Bowls 14mm Male Wholesale

Our Martini Slides collection features an array of colored one-hitter bong bowls, now available for wholesale. Designed with a 14mm male joint size, these bowls are an essential attachment for any standard bong or water pipe. Each bowl is crafted in the shape of a martini glass, which adds a touch of elegance and serves a practical purpose, providing a wider opening for easy packing and cleaning.

These bowls' single-hole design makes them ideal for one-hitter sessions, offering a quick and efficient way to enjoy your herbs. Made from durable glass, they come in various vibrant colors, adding a pop of style to your smoking experience.

Perfect for smoke shops and dispensaries, the Martini Slides are an excellent option for those looking to stock up on unique and functional bong attachments. Their stylish design, ease of use, and compatibility with 14mm male joints make them a popular choice among consumers.

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