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Add Color to Your Smoke - Stylish and Efficient Bowls.
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Tropical Swirl Bong Bowls Slides - 14mm Wholesale

Our Tropical Swirl Bong Bowls Slides, available in a 14mm size, are a vibrant addition to any smoking accessory collection. These wholesale bowls feature a captivating swirl pattern inspired by tropical hues, adding a splash of color and exotic flair to the smoking experience. Each slide is expertly crafted from quality glass, ensuring durability and a clean, pure taste.

These bowls' 14mm size makes them compatible with various bongs and waterpipes, appealing to a broad range of users. The tropical swirl design isn't just visually appealing; it provides a unique texture that enhances grip and handling.

These Tropical Swirl Bong Bowl Slides are an excellent choice for retailers and distributors looking to add a touch of vibrancy and style to their offerings. Their eye-catching design and standard size make them popular among customers who seek to combine aesthetic appeal with functionality in their smoking accessories.

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