Frit Smoking Glass Bowls

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Elevate Your Smoke with Frit Glass Bowls.
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Frit Color Changing Swirl Bowl Attachment - 14mm Slides Wholesale

Our Frit Color Changing Swirl Bowl Attachments, available in 14mm slides, offer a dynamic and visually stunning addition to any bong or water pipe. These wholesale bong bowls are crafted using frit glass, incorporating color-changing elements that react to heat and light, creating mesmerizing swirl patterns.

Each bowl is designed with a 14mm slide, ensuring compatibility with various waterpipes. The unique color-changing feature adds an element of surprise and artistic flair to every use, making these bowls not only functional but also a conversation piece.

These Frit Color Changing Swirl Bowl Attachments are perfect for retailers looking to enhance their inventory with distinctive and appealing smoking accessories. Combining the frit-glass technique and the color-changing design creates a visually captivating user experience, ensuring these bowls stand out.

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