Flat Top Top Bucket

Item Code BB18-90-18female
AvailabilityIn stock
4mm Flat Top Quartz Bucket Attachment Durability Meets Functionality. This attachment ensures efficient vaporization and long-lasting performance for your concentrates.
Glass StyleWax and Concentrates
Joint Angle90°
Ground Joint SizeAttachment
Product Details

Quartz Banger Nails Flat Top 18mm Female | Bangers Online at Low Prices

Explore our high-quality quartz banger nails featuring a flat top design in 18mm female joint sizes, available online at low prices. These bangers are expertly crafted to provide a superior dabbing experience, ensuring efficient concentrate vaporization and flavor preservation. The flat top design offers a wide surface area for even heating, making it a popular choice among dab enthusiasts. Our 18mm female quartz bangers are made from durable materials, ensuring longevity and consistent performance, and they are ideal for use with various dab rigs. Available at competitive prices, these banger nails are perfect for both personal use and retailers looking to enhance their dabbing accessory offerings.

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