Ice Pinch Oil Pipe

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The Ice Pinch Oil Pipe is ingeniously designed with a built-in ice pinch, allowing for cooler, smoother hits while handling oils, making each session refreshing and enjoyable.
StyleWax and Concentrates
ShapeWide Tube
Product Details

50 Pcs 50 $1.65

Unique Ice Pinch Design

Our ice pinch clear glass oil burner pipes feature a unique ice pinch design, allowing for the addition of ice to the line. This feature cools the smoke, providing a smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience.

High-Quality Borosilicate Glass

Crafted from durable borosilicate glass, these pipes are built to last and resist thermal stress, ensuring longevity and a clean taste. Their high-quality glass construction makes them valuable additions to any smoking accessory collection.

Versatile Functionality

The unique and functional design of these pipes offers versatile functionality, making them suitable for various smoking preferences. Whether used for oils or other purposes, these pipes are designed to deliver a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.

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