Soma Kratom 100 Signature Liquid Shot

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Experience the potent, rapid effects of Soma Kratom 100 Signature Liquid Shot, crafted for users seeking a premium, fast-acting energy and relaxation blend in a convenient liquid form.
Product Details

Potent Kratom Extract

The Soma Kratom Liquid Extract 100 Strength is a powerful kratom shot designed for those seeking a potent and balanced wellness experience. Each 15ml bottle is formulated with 50mg of Mitragynine, extracted from 100% organic Kratom.

All-Natural and Organic

Soma Kratom is committed to quality, offering an all-natural kratom extract shot made from premium, pure, and organic Kratom. This ensures a pure and consistent product for users.

Citrus Lemon-Lime Flavor

Enjoy the refreshing taste of citrus lemon-lime flavor, which adds a refreshing zest to the kratom experience. This pleasant flavor profile makes the Soma Kratom shot a delightful choice for daily consumption.

Wholesale Advantage

Retailers can benefit from competitive wholesale pricing, with the option to purchase master case quantities for the lowest cost per unit. This offers a significant advantage for businesses looking to provide value to their customers.

Soma Kratom Liquid Extract 100 Strength shots are an excellent choice for retailers seeking to supply a high-quality, potent kratom product. Its all-natural ingredients, refreshing flavor, and competitive wholesale pricing make it a valuable addition to any wellness product lineup.



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