Hem Frankincense Incense

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Engage your senses with the calming and reflective aura of Hem Frankincense Incense, offering 120 sticks meticulously crafted to facilitate relaxation, meditation, and a peaceful environment.
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3 Cartons (Single Flavor) 3 $3.25
15 Cartons (15 Flavors Mixed) 15 $3.00

Authentic Frankincense Fragrance

HEM Frankincense Incense Sticks offer the classic, sweet, and woody aroma of frankincense, known for its calming properties and use in meditation. Each stick is crafted to deliver a consistent and long-lasting scent.

Bulk Packaging for Distributors

Distributors can purchase these incense sticks in bulk, with each case containing 48 boxes of 120 posts each. This packaging ensures a steady supply for retail and is perfect for large-scale distribution.

High-Quality Incense

HEM is a trusted brand with over 30 years of experience, exporting to over 70 countries. Their incense sticks are made from traditional knowledge of fragrances, ensuring a natural, pure, and powerful aroma.

Competitive Wholesale Pricing

Offered at a wholesale price of $1.95 per box, with a suggested retail price of $8.25 per box, these incense sticks present a profitable opportunity for distributors. The bulk purchase option provides significant savings and the potential for a strong return on investment.

HEM Frankincense Incense Sticks are a top choice for distributors looking to provide high-quality incense at competitive wholesale prices. Their authentic fragrance, bulk packaging, and trusted brand reputation make them valuable to any inventory.



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