Hem Precious Lavender Incense

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Experience tranquility with Hem Precious Lavender Incense, offering 120 sticks that fill your space with a calming scent, promoting relaxation, easing anxiety, and fostering peace.
Product Details

Soothing Lavender Aroma

HEM Lavender Incense Sticks infuse any space with lavender's calming and soothing scent. Crafted from high-quality ingredients, these sticks are perfect for enhancing the ambiance of homes, yoga studios, or during meditation sessions.

Bulk Quantity for Retailers

Each wholesale case contains 48 boxes, with each box holding 120 sticks. This bulk offering is perfect for retailers and resellers looking to provide their customers with a popular and well-loved fragrance option.

Extended Burn Time

The incense sticks are 9 inches long and offer a burn time of approximately 30 minutes each, ensuring a lasting fragrance that creates a tranquil environment for an extended period.

Versatile and Popular

HEM Lavender Incense Sticks are versatile in various environments, from personal spaces to larger venues. Their popularity makes them a staple fragrance that appeals to a broad customer base.



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