Hem Precious Rose Incense

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Savor the elegant and mood-enhancing fragrance of Hem Precious Rose Incense, offering 120 sticks designed to create a luxurious and inviting ambiance for relaxation and meditation.
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3 Cartons (Single Flavor) 3 $3.25
15 Cartons (15 Flavors Mixed) 15 $3.00

Enchanting Rose Fragrance

HEM Precious Rose Incense Sticks deliver a delicate and authentic rose scent, ideal for enhancing the ambiance of any space. These incense sticks are crafted from high-quality ingredients and are perfect for meditation, relaxation, and spiritual practices.

Bulk Wholesale Packaging

Each case contains 48 boxes holding 120 sticks, offering a substantial supply for retailers and resellers. This bulk packaging ensures you can meet customers' demands while benefiting from competitive wholesale pricing.

Long-lasting Aroma

With a burn time of approximately 30 minutes per stick, these incense sticks provide a lasting fragrance that gently fills any room, creating a calming and inviting environment.

Versatile Use

HEM Precious Rose Incense Sticks are versatile and Suitable for various settings, including homes, yoga studios, and meditation centers. Their rich fragrance creates a peaceful atmosphere conducive to relaxation and spiritual practices.



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