Hem Palo Santos

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Create a harmonious, grounded environment with Hem Palo Santos Incense, offering 120 sticks that produce a warm, purifying scent to enhance meditation, relaxation, and spiritual practices.
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3 Cartons (Single Flavor) 3 $3.25
15 Cartons (15 Flavors Mixed) 15 $3.00

Authentic Palo Santos Fragrance

HEM Palo Santos Incense Sticks provide a genuine and mystical scent derived from the revered Palo Santo wood. These sticks are ideal for creating a meditative and spiritually cleansing atmosphere.

Bulk Supply for Retailers

Retailers can take advantage of the bulk packaging, including multiple boxes containing 120 sticks. This ensures a consistent supply for customers seeking the unique aroma of Palo Santos.

Extended Burn Time

Each incense stick is designed to burn for approximately 30 to 40 minutes, offering a long-lasting fragrance that can aid in meditation, relaxation, or to enjoy the natural wood scent.

Versatile and High-Quality

Suitable for various settings, HEM Palo Santos Incense Sticks can be used in homes, yoga studios, or meditation centers. They are crafted from natural ingredients, ensuring a high-quality burning experience.

HEM Palo Santos Incense Sticks are a sought-after product for their authentic fragrance and the purifying properties associated with Palo Santo. They are an excellent addition to any retail selection, available in bulk for easy stocking.



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