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20 Pieces (Belt Kit 3.5oz) 20 $19.00

High-Quality Synthetic Urine

Monkey Whizz Synthetic Urine by Serious Monkey Bizzness is crafted for novelty. It features a sophisticated formula that mimics real urine without toxins or diseases. This product is ready to use, providing a reliable option for your customers.

Complete Kit for Convenience

The package includes everything needed for easy and discreet use, including an adjustable cotton elastic belt, two organic heat pads to maintain the perfect temperature, a temperature strip for accuracy, and clear instructions for seamless application.

Discreet and Versatile

The Monkey Whizz Synthetic Urine Kit is designed for various novelty uses and offers a discreet and effective solution. Its thoughtful packaging and comprehensive kit components cater to customers seeking a top-tier synthetic urine product.

Wholesale Advantage

Monkey Whizz is available for bulk purchasing at attractive wholesale prices, presenting a lucrative opportunity for retailers. By stocking this in-demand and reputable brand, you can satisfy the growing consumer interest in high-quality novelty items.

Monkey Whizz Synthetic Urine by Serious Monkey Bizzness is recognized for its exceptional quality, ease of use, and complete kit offering. Providing this product at wholesale prices adds significant value to retail offerings, meeting customers' needs for dependable and discreet synthetic urine solutions.



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