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Opt for our Monkey Flask Serious Monkey Wholesale products to offer your customers a discreet and dependable way to pass drug tests.
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Premium Synthetic Urine Solution

Serious Monkey Flask Synthetic Urine is a meticulously crafted synthetic urine formula designed for novelty purposes. It features over 3.5oz of the highest quality synthetic urine, free from toxins and diseases, ensuring a reliable and realistic solution.

Comprehensive Kit for Easy Application

Each Monkey Flask kit includes a safety-sealed plastic flask containing 3.5oz of premixed synthetic urine, a self-adhesive heat pad for maintaining the ideal temperature, and detailed instructions for straightforward use. This complete package ensures a hassle-free experience for users.

Authentic and Reliable

Severe Monkey Bizzness has engineered the Monkey Flask Synthetic Urine to mimic natural human urine closely, with accurate uric acid, pH, foam, scent, and color levels. It can even grow bacteria over time, further enhancing its authenticity for situations where a delay between sample collection and testing might occur.

Wholesale Distribution Near Me

Available for bulk purchase at competitive wholesale prices, the Monkey Flask offers a lucrative opportunity for retailers. Stocking this trusted and famous brand will meet the growing demand for high-quality novelty products, attracting customers seeking a dependable synthetic urine solution.

Serious Monkey Flask Synthetic Urine stands out for its unparalleled authenticity, comprehensive kit components, and ease of use, making it a preferred choice for customers. Offering this product at wholesale prices provides a valuable addition to any retail lineup, catering to those needing a reliable and discreet synthetic urine solution.



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