Puff Co Plus Portable Vape

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The Puff Co Vision Plus Portable Vape is a cutting-edge device designed for extracting vaping enthusiasts. Enjoy precise temperature control, long-lasting battery life, and a sleek, portable design.
Product Details

Portable and User-Friendly

The Puffco Plus is an award-winning portable dab pen that has been upgraded for ease of use, making it a favorite for enjoying concentration on the go. Its pocket-friendly design ensures you can take your vaping experience anywhere.

High-Quality Construction

This device features a coil-less ceramic bowl that provides even heating and a pure taste. The mouthpiece houses a Dart that doubles as a loading tool, and the pen offers three heat settings for customized vaping sessions.

Long Battery Life

Equipped with a 510 battery, the Puffco Plus ensures fast charging and long battery life, allowing for extended use between charges. This makes it a reliable choice for those who vape frequently throughout the day.

Wholesale availability

Vape shops looking to stock the Puffco Plus can find wholesale options through suppliers like WholesaleVapor.com, offering various vape products, including devices like the Puffco Plus.

For Concentrates

The Puffco Plus is specifically designed for use with hash oils and concentrates, providing a clean and potent vaping experience. Its coil-less design and multiple heat settings make it a top choice for concentrate enthusiasts.

Budget-Friendly Options

For vape shops and consumers looking for affordable, high-quality vaporizers, the Puffco Plus offers a budget-friendly option without compromising on performance or design

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