OPMS Borneo 1oz Extract Powder

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OPMS Borneo 1oz Extract Powder, a top-tier Kratom product offering the essence of Borneo Kratom. With high-potency extraction and precise dosing, it's the perfect choice for Kratom enthusiasts.
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Premium Quality and Potency

The OPMS One Ounce Borneo Extract Powder is renowned for its exceptional quality and potency. Sourced directly from North Borneo, near Malaysia, this kratom powder is known for its euphoric and energizing effects, making it a favorite among users for morning or afternoon use.

Versatile Strain Selection

OPMS offers a wide range of kratom strains, including the Super Green Borneo, which is celebrated for its potent blend and powerful alkaloid content. This variety revitalizes and energizes the mind, body, and spirit, providing a motivational boost whenever needed

Rigorous Quality Control

OPMS is committed to delivering the highest quality kratom. Each batch undergoes fine screening to remove foreign objects and is tested for heavy metals, feces, salmonella, and mold content. The products are then sterilized for further public safety, ensuring that you receive only the best kratom products.

Bulk Discounting and Wholesale Pricing

For those looking to purchase in bulk, OPMS offers competitive wholesale pricing and bulk discounting. This allows retailers and enthusiasts to stock up on high-quality kratom at the lowest prices anywhere, ensuring a perfect balance of potency and flavor.

Authenticity and Customer Satisfaction

OPMS is known as one of the best in quality and is considered the king of Kratom. It is a leading brand of kratom extract capsules, recognized for its purity and efficacy. Customers can assured they get an authentic product with a satisfaction guarantee for peace of mind. The OPMS One Ounce Borneo Extract Powder is an excellent choice for those seeking a premium kratom experience. With its potent effects, rigorous quality control, and competitive wholesale pricing, it stands out as a top choice for both retailers and kratom enthusiasts alike.



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